TT1 Predecessors Continued (Subaru Edition)

(Originally posted 12/23/2016, Moved to WordPress 1/16/2017)

I can’t believe I forgot to write about this potential engine choice in my last post (on my Subaru parts website)!  Of course, I also considered using a Subaru flat 4!  In fact, seeing this amazing NASIOC thread is what made me consider the longitudinal engine layout using a Porsche transmission in the first place.  I also spent quite a bit of time working on a frame that would fit a Subaru EJ25.  It seems I didn’t take any pictures of that design so I just put the engine back into my current model:

It’s a bit wider than I would like but it could certainly be made to work since the transmission area is still very narrow.  It looks really good in there (especially the low overall height) and I am definitely keeping it in mind for a possible two-seater in the future.  However, for this car, minimizing weight is the goal so adding a turbo, intercooler, and associated plumbing, as well as dealing with increased cooling demands was not really the best option.

Hmmm… Seeing it in the most recent chassis, however, makes me think it would probably fit under the bodywork I have in mind and it would not take much to alter the frame to fit the EJ engine.  Perhaps it could be an option for this car in the future but for now I will be sticking with the naturally aspirated Honda K24.

Well, thanks for reading. I’m hoping to have another update next week.

– Mickey Oswald

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